The history of our company goes back over half a century.
It is the life story of a Milanese family, and their respect for their work, their customers, and the needs of the market.

Our company | Fitobucaneve The business was founded in 1948, under the name of “Bucaneve”. It was a small family concern, supplying pharmacies with a simple list of products: chamomile, starch for baths, and mentholated talc.
The head of the business personally sourced, packaged and distributed these products, assisted by other members of the family.

The years passed and the list of products increased, together with the number of pharmacies being supplied by the company. With the arrival of the 1980s, the founder’s grandchildren, Alessandro and Monica, joined the firm, bringing with them new enthusiasm.

The year 1996 saw the creation of “Fitobucaneve”, a new name with a new and greater ambition: to combine “age-old philosophy” with twenty-first century techniques. It involved developing high-level expertise and sophisticated production methods to launch a competitive range of attractive new products onto the market.

Three generations have now succeeded one another in the business, and the fourth is now approaching. However, the firm’s philosophy has remained unchanged over the years: to create products which provide the customer with a direct personal experience, products to promote total wellbeing. We have complete respect for our clients and customers, informed by our knowledge that we have a historic reputation for the highest quality. Our professionalism and dedication, combined with our enthusiasm and perseverance, will ensure that the story of the company endures well into the future.