Naturally good. This is our promise,

our daily task.

This is what we believe in.

A company which cares for your health

Fito BucaneveThe origins of our name, “Fitobucaneve”, are as follows: “Fito” is derived from “Phitotherapy”: from the Greek “Phyton” (a plant) and “Terapeia” (therapy). This refers to a method of healing, or of maintaining health, by the use of plant extracts. “Bucaneve”, on the other hand, is the Italian for “snowdrop”, that little white flower which pushes its head through a blanket of snow.
Our special programme covers every aspect of wellbeing, promoting total harmony by combining the elements Nature has provided for us ...

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The Fitobucaneve range of products stands out for being highly innovative, practical and effective, designed to ensure the wellbeing of the body as a whole and the health of the skin.